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Prospecting Flow



Many people in sales, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, etc. have a tough time getting there businesses off the ground because they simply don’t know how to engage prospects.  Here is a simple 3 Step Prospecting Flow that I learned from an 8 Figure Earner in Network Marketing, who built a network of more than 1,200,000 people.  That’s HUGE!!  You only build an organization THAT Big if you now what you’re doing.  Let’s take a note from a page in her play book!  (NOTE: I named each step)


The First Step is to qualify the prospect.  Here’s how you should do it.

Ask a series of questions like this:  “Are you happy? Satisfied?”  “Do you like the path you’re on?”  “If you stay on the path you’re on, will you end up at your intended destination?”  “Will your current trajectory get you to where you’re going?”

*Remember: scripts are not to be followed legalistically or spoken robotically!  Make them your own.  Memorize the STEPS of the Flow, so you are smooth and sound real.  Not like a talking head trying to make a sale!

The objective here to is lead the prospect to a place of personal discovery.  Only the prospect can decide if they are open to moving foward into a new life trafectory.


The Second Step is to dig just a little bit into the prospect’s concept of his or her future.

Ask a question like this; “Do you have a plan to change things?”  Or, “What’s your Plan B incase what you’re doing currently doesn’t work out?”

Questions like these cause the prospect to dig deeper and reflect.  Often times, the PROSPECTOR desires to plan the future for the Prospect, and statements like “you’d be great at my business!” or “I just know you can make money with this opportunity!” tarnish the prospecting process.  BEWARE!

This process isn’t about YOU wanting a new prospect on your team.  This process is 100% about the prospect!  Ask the leading questions genuinely, and then listen intently to their answers.  They will tell you whether they are a candidate for your business or not.


The Third Step is tough for many people, because it requires you to push the prospect away.  This is difficult because most sales people want to make the sale so badly!  But your job is NOT to make a sale.  Your job is to qualify the lead.  Using the “push away” technique can be highly effective.  It let’s the prospect now that you don’t need them; you are merely offering them an opportunity.  It can be highly affecitve!

Say: “What I’m about to show you is probably not for you; although you will likely be drawn to the product.  Most people are.”

This piece of script accomplishes 2 things:  The takeaway “What I’m about to show you is probably not for you” says to the prospect I don’t need you.  Additionally, it takes the pressure off of the prospect and let’s any thought of being “sold” float away.

“…although you will likely be drawn to the product. Most people are.” places the prospect in the majority.  It let’s the prospect know that people do in fact like your product or service.  It provides social proof in the even they choose to be your customer, and (even better) let’s the prospect know there exists a strong desire for your product should this prospect choose to actually get started as a distributor with your team.


We will always have the Rookies and the Pros in our beloved industry, Network Marketing.  Higher Skill Set (among other things) must be developed for you to reach a Mastery Level in your Business.  Scripts like these above have stood the test of times!  I highly recommend you adopt it, memorize it, and perfect you delivery if you choose to be a high performer in Sales or in the Network Marketing Industry.

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Because Nobody is Attracted to the Fake You

I see it all the time… Every day in fact.
Internet Marketers, Network Marketers, Online Gurus…baiting people with “shiny disco balls”.  Cubic Zirconium offers, pitched as diamonds on the web.

“Get My Super-InterGalactic Training for a Gazillion Dollars, and YOU TOO can get rich like me!”

YIKES!  This scares me to death for you!  Why?

Because most of these people have made NO MONEY TO SPEAK OF!

I personally witness every single day of the week PEOPLE I KNOW PERSONALLY who have never had success in the areas in which they are pitching themselves as Coaches! BEWARE!!


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I have learned so very many lessons on my journey.
Here is one I’ve learned over the last year or so:

People quit.
People give up.
Most people never stay the course.

This is true with personal dreams, in marriage, with their health…and definitely in network marketing.

Aimee Mullens said, “Giving up is conceding that things will never get better, and that’s just not true. Ups and downs are a constant in life, and I’ve been belted into that roller coaster a thousand times.”

You see, it takes real heart…real grit to press through the “downs.” And you know why? Because it requires more from us. Quitting is the easy thing to do. Stepping of our own down trodden lawn onto someone else’s fresh green lawn looks appealing; and it’s easier than regrowing our own grass. The problem is that pretty soon, you’ll just trample down that other green grass too!

And why? Because it’s who you are; your track record proves it. If you stomped one yard to death, most likely you’ll ruin the green grass in the new one.

If you quit on the first dream, you’ll probably quit on the next. If you helped to destroy one marriage, you’ll be good at it a second time in most cases. If you’ve been looking for the easy way out with your health for the last 20 years, my guess is the next 20 will be the same.

And Network Marketers: if they’ve jumped more than once in the last 5 years, well…you get the picture.

Listen: I GET IT! I know it can be hard. It takes a strong woman or man to ride the waves. But every single diamond….every REAL Diamond was formed under pressure over time in it’s environment. Speeding up the process only creates cubic zirconia. Fake stones.

The Apostle Paul said this: “Don’t you know that you have to finish the whole race in order to receive the prize?”

Ok, so he was talking about eternal life, yes, but he was also talking about running.
Paul new that the principal was universal.

If you want to be the real deal; if you want to grow into a champion when it comes to success, marriage, business, or anything else…go through the fire. Withstand the pain. Endure the pressure. Learn. Grow. Discover YOUR weaknesses and flaws. Figure out how YOU contributed to the demise.

And then…if you want to emerge victorious…stay the course.

p.s.- Just because you’ve failed in the past does not mean that you have to fail in the future.  But you WILL have to change something…or change in your results will never come.

The Law of Respect: A Message to MLM Leaders

John C Maxwell’s Law #7 of his 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is the Law of Respect.
“It basically says that people naturally follow leaders that are stronger than them. Now when we think of strength, I’m not talking about people naturally following people that are positionally above them….I’m talking about the fact that people naturally follow people who are better leaders than they are.” –John Maxwell

I’m gonna go public and say something bold to an industry I love and within which I participate, the network marketing industry.  It would do many so called “leaders” in our industry some good to realize that our industry utilizes the term “leader” more loosely than any other industry out there. Being positionally above someone does mean that you have earned the right to lead that person, or that they are obligated to follow you.

I have personally met many top money earners from network marketing that are not good leaders. They are merely hustlers. They are willing to hustle and work hard. Hustle is a good skill. It is not the same skill as leadership.

I have personally met many people through the network marketing industry that have not made much money at all within the industry, and yet are tremendous leaders in other veins of Life: their churches, their local communities, at work, or in a traditional business model.

Professional Networkers who have made a 6 Figure and above income, hear ye me:
We are blessed to serve any woman or man who chooses to follow in our wake. Your downline is not your following or your wake. They are simply people who for some reason ended up positionally under you.

Your following consists of the people who actually buy into you, and your way; those who choose to align with you, soul to soul. Those who choose to spend their time equity learning from you. And that is never our entire downline. So do not be threatened or dismayed if one who is positionally under you looks to another for direction or leadership.

When I started my journey in my personal company of choice nearly 4 years ago, I prayed this prayer: “God…give me the ones I’m supposed to have.” I do not long for people to follow me who choose not to follow. I simply long to best serve those who have chosen to follow. Have I always done right be every single follower? No way…I’ve made a lot of mistakes from which I have learned and grown. I am grateful for the Life lessons, and for those who continue to journey on with me.

Leaders everywhere: I encourage you…forsake ego, and discover a servant driven heart. Be willing to serve whomever God places in your path to lead. Be willing to release those who choose to feed from another source other than you.

Together we will make a better difference in the world, if we can embrace this paradigm of Leadership: that leadership is earned.

Let’s go make a difference.


The People at the Top Make All the Money

Recently, a friend of mine from college made the statement: “In MLM, people at the “top” make all the money.” Now, it’s true: the people who work hard and build large organizations do make more money than those who have not worked hard to build large organizations. But isn’t the regular job market similar?

Tim Sales taught us: “If you research traditional executive and owner compensation of most companies you’ll see that “only a few people at the top make the majority of the money” in every business model! CEOs of large U.S. companies last year made as much money from JUST ONE DAY on the job as average workers made over the entire year. According to an Associated Press survey of 386 Fortune 500 companies in 2006, the executives averaged $10.8 million in total compensation, that’s over 364 times the pay of the average American worker!”

The truth is, Network Marketing is superior to the regular job force, because in our industry there are people through out the whole company who can and do earn more income than those who “enrolled” them. I am an example of this. The gentleman who originally introduced me to the Network Marketing industry has never earned a 6 Figure Income with a MLM Company, but I have. In fact, I have out-earned my “sponsors” in most businesses that I have joined.

How about you? Have you ever made more money at your current job than the person who hired you? Does the lay-sales person ever out earn the VP of Marketing? NO! In fact, in the “real-world” of “jobs”, for you to earn as much as those above you in your company pyramid of leadership…you would have to find a way to take someones job from them. But not in Network Marketing. The more you earn, the more you help others to earn, both above and below you in the food chain.

In the Network Marketing Industry, your productivity determines your earnings! If you achieve greater results than your sponsor or enroller, you will make more money. In traditional business, you encounter politics, upper management, senior executives and other factors that impede your ability to earn more.

The facts say that Network Marketing is more fair to the free market society, than the traditional job market. Network Marketing is the absence of entitlement; the epitome of free market enterprise!

Give Yourself A Running Start

It never ceases to amaze successful entrepreneurs how many self-proclaimed gurus are appearing in the vast ocean called The Internet! Those of us who have put in years of hard work, education, and personal growth always snicker as we view the array of online media gushing forth from new-generation entrepreneurs who have not even cracked the 6 Figure-Annually mark. Who are these people? And why are they lurking around every virtual corner?

Mostly, these are good people. Women and men of entrepreneurial heart, who blog away in hopes of building that first time 6 Figure Income. Who can blame them? At least there giving “it” a shot! They have dedicated hours of Blogging, Facebooking, and Tweeting…all in hopes of driving “traffic” beyond the gates of their web-based harbors, and into the downlines of their opportunities. There is absolutely no crime being committed, and I praise them for their efforts.

But YOU are the one I’m concerned about! Many of you have shown interest in making money part time from home (or even possibly a 6 Figure Annual income), and have often times been swept up into a “Team” of one of these Guru-Hopefuls, only to find that they did not, in fact, possess the ability to coach you toward or into success. And the reason is simple: they’ve not yet achieved it themselves.

Please…do not verbally crucify them on message boards, and tarnish their character publicly. They simply did what they needed to do to “hook a fish;” to “get the sale.” And if you enrolled with them, obviously their marketing worked. It was an honest transaction between two people. They advertised; you responded.

If you’ve taken the time to read this far, it may be that you are interested in taken your next step in the Work From Home Industry. The step toward working with a professional…someone who has “been there” and “done that.” Someone who has achieved 6 Figure Annual Income status in the Network Marketing industry, and has a proven track record with helping others to succeed.

You need to know these facts: It doesn’t so much matter what company you are with, what product you choose, or what type of compensation structure you are in. Amateurs will try to convince you otherwise. Don’t be tricked by the “This is the best compensation plan I’ve ever seen” conversation; or the “This is a one of a kind product” approach. Many great companies with great products and wonderful compensation plans have failed. I know of bad companies with average products and not-so-great compensation plans that have been around for years, and have people who are earning a lot of money.

Success rises and falls on leadership! Your success will be determined more by who you choose as your field leadership, than what company/product/comp plan you represent. As you make your next step in the Network Marketing industry as pertains to choosing a new business home, be sure that you choose wisely. Find a leader who can give you a chance at success! Then…it’s all about your personal growth and people skills. And that is yet another matter.