Prospecting Flow



Many people in sales, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, etc. have a tough time getting there businesses off the ground because they simply don’t know how to engage prospects.  Here is a simple 3 Step Prospecting Flow that I learned from an 8 Figure Earner in Network Marketing, who built a network of more than 1,200,000 people.  That’s HUGE!!  You only build an organization THAT Big if you now what you’re doing.  Let’s take a note from a page in her play book!  (NOTE: I named each step)


The First Step is to qualify the prospect.  Here’s how you should do it.

Ask a series of questions like this:  “Are you happy? Satisfied?”  “Do you like the path you’re on?”  “If you stay on the path you’re on, will you end up at your intended destination?”  “Will your current trajectory get you to where you’re going?”

*Remember: scripts are not to be followed legalistically or spoken robotically!  Make them your own.  Memorize the STEPS of the Flow, so you are smooth and sound real.  Not like a talking head trying to make a sale!

The objective here to is lead the prospect to a place of personal discovery.  Only the prospect can decide if they are open to moving foward into a new life trafectory.


The Second Step is to dig just a little bit into the prospect’s concept of his or her future.

Ask a question like this; “Do you have a plan to change things?”  Or, “What’s your Plan B incase what you’re doing currently doesn’t work out?”

Questions like these cause the prospect to dig deeper and reflect.  Often times, the PROSPECTOR desires to plan the future for the Prospect, and statements like “you’d be great at my business!” or “I just know you can make money with this opportunity!” tarnish the prospecting process.  BEWARE!

This process isn’t about YOU wanting a new prospect on your team.  This process is 100% about the prospect!  Ask the leading questions genuinely, and then listen intently to their answers.  They will tell you whether they are a candidate for your business or not.


The Third Step is tough for many people, because it requires you to push the prospect away.  This is difficult because most sales people want to make the sale so badly!  But your job is NOT to make a sale.  Your job is to qualify the lead.  Using the “push away” technique can be highly effective.  It let’s the prospect now that you don’t need them; you are merely offering them an opportunity.  It can be highly affecitve!

Say: “What I’m about to show you is probably not for you; although you will likely be drawn to the product.  Most people are.”

This piece of script accomplishes 2 things:  The takeaway “What I’m about to show you is probably not for you” says to the prospect I don’t need you.  Additionally, it takes the pressure off of the prospect and let’s any thought of being “sold” float away.

“…although you will likely be drawn to the product. Most people are.” places the prospect in the majority.  It let’s the prospect know that people do in fact like your product or service.  It provides social proof in the even they choose to be your customer, and (even better) let’s the prospect know there exists a strong desire for your product should this prospect choose to actually get started as a distributor with your team.


We will always have the Rookies and the Pros in our beloved industry, Network Marketing.  Higher Skill Set (among other things) must be developed for you to reach a Mastery Level in your Business.  Scripts like these above have stood the test of times!  I highly recommend you adopt it, memorize it, and perfect you delivery if you choose to be a high performer in Sales or in the Network Marketing Industry.

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Those Who Can’t, Teach?

People who say, “Those who can, ‘do’, and those who can’t, ‘teach’ “ …are absolutely rediculous!

And that IS my being NICE about it. Lol


Some of THE BEST teachers I have EVER had are the ones who have BEEN THERE, DID THAT, and GOT THE T-SHIRT!  And many of them have moved on to something else…because it is natural progression for people to blossom and grow!  Not to mention that most of them perfected their skill even further BY teaching.


C’mon Network Marketers, Success Coaches, and Gurus: Don’t propagate stupid quotes & memes when it’s convenient to bend them in your favor.  If the litmus test doesn’t prove the idea 100% of the time, come up with a new & improved quote that tells the whole story….not just the part that you like that you can use to manipulate people’s minds to your advantage.

I see so many personal development memes going around that sound good, but just don’t wash out in the mix of truth. I’m keeping my eye open for you guys, and I’m going to expose as many of these as I can from time to time.

‪#‎voiceoftruth ‪#‎lookingoutforYOU‬

Wealth Source

Rich people often think money is their source.
Poor people usually believe more money is the source they need.

Money is not my source of choice. My God is my source!
It is HE that gives me the ability to get wealth!
HE supplies every single need that I have according to HIS riches in glory!
HE takes my seed & multiplies it; sometimes 30, sometimes 60 sometimes 100 fold!

This post is not necessarily for those of you who are not Christian people, unless you choose to glean an idea or inspiration from it. This message is really to my Christian brothers & sisters who sometimes for get our Source, and get into a spirit of STRIVING, thinking that they are their own providers!

A word to Christian Husbands & Fathers: YOU ARE NOT THE PROVIDER! JEHOVAH JIREH is The Provider, and His grace is sufficient for every need that you and your family have! I am NOT advocating laziness here. I’m advocating that when you work, it is not with the intent of being the Provider for your family! This mindset is a trick of the enemy, and has established a God-complex in our Christian men in an interesting way, using the spirit of striving to make them feel both powerful & powerless at the same time! Your labor should simply be “as unto the Lord.” When you work hard, simply do it with joy in your heart, and honor toward your boss and co-workers. You are there to be the Light of Christ extended into the lives of those around you. DO NOT WORRY about the money! God will provide the increase when YOU LABOR AS UNTO THE LORD! I’ve never seen the Righteous forsaken, or His seed begging for bread!

A word to Christian Wives & Mothers: If you are married, do NOT put the spirit of heaviness on your husband by viewing him as your provider! If you see him as your provider, 1) You have de-throned God 2) You have enthroned your husband as god over a domain that is not his 3) have perpetuated the yoke of striving on your husbands neck. So what should you do instead? 1) PRAY for your husband 2) Be a Godly woman who stands united with her husband, even in lean times 3) Consider becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. If you don’t know what that means, read Proverbs 31 and take note of what the woman does.

A word to Single Moms: God has NOT forsaken you! He sees your plight and cares for each and every need that you have. You have a choice to make. Will you wear despondency as a coat, carrying that spirit with you day to day? Or will you put on a Garment of PRAISE for your spirit of heaviness? God is waiting for you to ALLOW HIM to be your Boaz (Read the story of Ruth in the Bible)! A new man is NOT your answer! Jesus alone is your Answer…and your Source…and your Provider! Rest in His love, choose to trust Him, and watch what happens in your life!

I LOVE YOU ALL!! I WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIVES!! I do NOT want to see you walking around in dark clouds because of the TRICKS of the Enemy! Too many of my Brothers & Sisters are wearing mantles of various oppressions that are NOT NECESSARY!! You have the authority to THROW THEM OFF and to walk in the Spirit of the Living God who is Life and Light for you and your family….if you will embrace Him and allow Him to be Who & What He desires to be for you!

If you choose to receive this word for your life, know that my prayers are going forth on behalf of YOU and YOUR FAMILY! God bless ALL of you, whether you are Christian or not! I love you, and will pray for you to be BLESSED, and to Prosper even as Your Soul Prospers!

Some Thoughts on Success

Does money equal success?

No. It does not necessarily mean success. Success can be measured in various ways.

You can be a successful parent; a successful spouse; a successful friend.

You can succeed in cooking great meals for your family; you can succeed in high school sports; you can succeed academically. And I’m sure you could help me continue the list.

There are some people who are content without achieving economic success. And if they are truly happy, then success has been measured adequately enough for them. But it simply is not the case for most people. Most people who are not succeeding economically desire to do so for a variety of reasons, including poverty, debt, and a desire to leave a better life for their future generations. I find this admirable at the very least.

I recently did a Biblical study on God’s view of economic wealth for His people. These are among the instruments of value that I found that He used to bless those who followed Him:

Gold, Silver, Land, Livestock, Agricultural Success in Farming, Fine Material, Herbs & Spices. All of these were considered stores of wealth and/or instruments of wealth in Biblical times.

So I am not among those who feel that wealth is bad or sinful. Neither am I among those who believe that money is the only form of success.

I understand that money is a store and instrument of economic value currently, and that if you choose to not live in poverty, debt-ridden, wondering how you will ever provide an inheritance for you children and your children’s children ….then you’d better find a way to increase your profits!

There are a variety of ways to increase profits.  You could master trading stocks and bonds; this can be very difficult and take a lot of time.  You could master real estate; this could require significant up front capital.  You could start a local business in your home town; this could require a lot of money, a hefty loan, and/or a lot of time.  All of these could work with time and diligence, but in my opinion are not the path of least resistance.

I chose a home based business, and here’s why: low start up cost, very low risk, the pleasure of working at my own pace, and the ability to earn leveraged income.

When I first started, my skill set was low and I needed mentorship.  The great thing about the home based business industry is that mentorship comes with the package at no additional cost.  Those who benefit from your success also have significant interest in your growth.  Their success depends on your success, so they are happy to coach and train those who are committed and willing to grow and work hard.

With time and hard work, I was able to earn a passive residual  multiple 6 figure income for our family, AND time freedom to focus on my personal development for success in other areas of life as well.  What a gift!

If you know a very successful home based business professional, I recommend you connect with them and set either a phone appointment or a coffee appointment.  They will be pleased that you reached out to them.

If you do not know a successful home based entrepreneur…someone with a proven track record…I’d be happy to lead you.  In my career I have assisted 6 families with reaching a multiple 6 figure income; I have assisted nearly 50 other families earn a 6 figure income; I have helped 100s of families earn enough income to cover their home mortgage; I have lead over 750 families to achieve car bonuses, thus replacing their car payment.

I would be happy to assist you with your dreams and goals!

But if not me…please, find someone you can trust to lead you.  You just may give your family the same gift I gave to mine:


What’s Your Vibe?

“Your vibe attracts your tribe!” -Nate

I had 2 instances this week with clients I coach who said, “I can’t get anyone to say yes to my product (or service). I don’t think people like it. It’s not working.” Then I began to remind them of all the other people having success with the exact same product or service.

Here’s what I know: In order to be successful in anything in life it requires you to step up your game and change something (perhaps many things) about yourself.

Some things you may need to improve:
1) Mindset
2) Skillset
3) People Skills
4) Emotional Maturity
5) Language

These are just a few. And under these Groups are numerous sub-groups we could explore.

I was told by a mentor one time, “Nate, work harder on yourself than you do anyone or anything else, and THEN you will become uncommonly successful.” I took that challenge, and it has lead me to develop a Multi Million Dollar Empire comprising 3 businesses, a non-profit, several pieces of real estate, and total lifestyle & time freedom.

When I first began developing my empire, my vibe said, “I think I’m amazing and you should work with me.” My ego score was far too high.

Now my vibe says, “My name’s Nate. Tell me about you? What’s your dream? How may I add value to your life?” I place high value on others and seek to add value to their lives.

The law of attraction isn’t mystical or metaphysical. It simply means that people are either attracted to the person you’ve become or not. And based on the level of attraction or lack thereof, they will decide whether a business relationship with you holds value for them or not.

If you are deciding to build a great business of any kind, your success will largely depend on how far you are willing to grow yourself in all facets of your being.

Your level of growth will be your “Vibe”! Happy Growing!!

Wage vs Profit

I have had a long and productive day.
And tomorrow is looking to be the same.

People have asked me often, Nate what’s different about YOUR day of hard work and MY day of hard work. If we’re both working hard, then you are no better than me.”

My response: Yes. You are right. This scenario makes me absolutely no better than you. How hard we each are working could very possibly equal out in terms of the definition of labor.

Here’s where they may differ: most of you are earning wages, and not profits. Wages and profits are not the same.

Wage: a regular payment, usually on an hourly, daily or weekly basis, made by an employer to an employee, especially for manual or unskilled work.

Profits: 1) a valuable return. 2) the excess of returns over expenditure n a transaction or series of transactions 3) net income for a given period of time 4) the ratio of profit for a give year to the amount of capital invested or to the value of sales 5) the compensation accruing to entrepreneurs for the assumption of risk in business enterprise as distinguished from wages

My case is not one for superiority of one hard worker over the other. Perhaps we stand as equals in our work ethic.

My case is, however, for superiority of one method of earning income over the other.

An invitation: I invite you to add “profits” to your portfolio of earnings. For a season of time in addition to your wages; and with time, perhaps you will earn the privilege to forsake wages and live entirely off of profits.

If you are curious, or think that this would be a noble goal for you….please inquire within.

Freedom is yours for the taking if you desire it.
Will you take it?

The Only Dad…Again

Once again….the only dad on the field trip.

Now don’t get me wrong… I honor every single dad who is willing to work hard for his family! Period. End of story.

However, the most recent report that I read said that studies show the average father spends approximately 34 seconds of quality time with his children each day. And that’s just sad.

What I do not honor is a culture who has steadily embraced societal methodologies & ideologies that take us away from our families little by little, thus breaking down the sanctity of the family unit.

And so I stand grateful this morning! Grateful that I went against the grain. Grateful that I did not embrace the “norm”. Grateful that I gave God the request of my heart, and then HE gave ME the desire of my heart!

And what was that request you ask? Freedom. Freedom from as many human encumbrances as possible.

We are now blessed to home school, and to have escaped the traditional job market!

How did we do it, you ask?
We’ll, it came with a price.
A price of hard work & determination. But the biggest price tag was this: change.

we had to be willing to change our belief systems and thinking in relation to everything that the systems of our culture had taught us growing up. And that, my friends, is not an easy thing to do. And it is most definitely a price tag that most of you are unwilling to pay.

BUT! …but… For those of you who are ready to embark on your journey to pay the price of change… trust me: it’s oh, SO worth it!

And I keep growing.

5 D’s to Your Life Design Part 2: Dream

5 D’s to Your Life Design is a 5 Part Audio Series.

Part 2 is entitled “Dream”.  Nate will lead you through a series of thought provoking questions that will challenge you to dig deep into your life on a journey of Discovery.  This is Step 2 in the process of Designing a Successful Life.

Enjoy Part 2 of the 5 D’s to Your Life design: Dream

5 D’s to Your Life Design: Part 1

5 D’s to Your Life Design is a 5 Part Audio Series.

Part 1 is entitled “Discover”.  Nate will lead you through a series of thought provoking questions that will challenge you to dig deep into your life on a journey of Discovery.  This is Step 1 in the process of Designing a Successful Life.

Enjoy Part 1 of the 5 D’s to Your Life design: Discover

Have YOU Ever Felt Like Dodging a Day?

I woke up this morning with a LIST!

You know that list….the one with more to do in a day than you care to tackle?
(Men: the list that has not only the items YOU were going to include in your day, but those “other items” on the list as well) lol

I literally just wanted to stay under those warm, soft, bamboo sheets, and dream a little day dream.


But duty called!

Even though I finally popped out of bed to carpe diem, I was still wondering how I was going to get it all done. I threw down a bowl of ViCrunch (with honey and cinnamon…mmmmmmm), and headed to my studio to start knocking out that list.

And you know how I’ve been doing it? ONE ITEM AT A TIME!
Sometimes we allow ourselves to get too overwhelmed with a days work. Sure, it’s work…but that mountain isn’t usually as insurmountable as we think it is!

When I’m trail running, I go up and over some steep climbs that feel SO hard; especially on tired legs. And you know how i do it each and every time? One step at a time. And that’s how I’ve knocked out a big chunk of this list this morning.

Now, when I was laying in that bed….all warm and cozy…the day ahead felt overwhelming, and escapism was the bait that could’ve easily lured me away. But I chose to Take Action on my List! And now IT FEELS SO GOOD TO HAVE SOME MUCH STUFF DONE!

So, the next time you feel like dodging your day….be encouraged.
Just take that list one step at a time….one item at a time.
And before you know it….you’ll feel EMPOWERED by what you’ve accomplished!

Make it a great day!