Money Management


Everyone Makes It…Few Keep It


It’s one thing to make money.  It’s another thing to keep it.

Over the last several years, we built a home based business and made a great deal of money. Additionally, we helped many families do the same.

There were a few dozen families that earned 6 Figures & even Multiple 6 Figures in our organization alone that we built!

Here’s the sad part: most of them have nothing to show for it. They are broke. Busted. They spent as if they thought the money faucet would flow forever at the same pace. Now many of them live as paupers or are barely scrapping by again.

The fault doesn’t lie with the company or the fact that the money-flow didn’t last forever. The fault lies in the spending habits of those individuals, and the level of emotional immaturity that caused them to spend everything they made, not taking time to invest that Cashflow.

Only one or two were smart. A couple actually took their earnings and bought stocks, bonds, gold bullion, stacks of silver, raw land, rental properties, and businesses to generate even greater wealth.

You don’t have to make a lot of money to form the right habits. Habits are formed while you are earning modestly. If you are faithful with little, God will make you ruler over much. That’s how it works in His economy.

In fact, many of you reading this…no…MOST of you reading this….believe that more money is the answer to your needs. But the truth is: if you made more, you’d just spend more. Just like my friends I mentioned above.

Where is your money going? You need to learn how to keep up with your finances! Find ways to keep more money in your pockets rather than letting your money fall through your pockets.  Is your money working for you? if not, Brian Kaminer’s firm, Talgra, guides investors to companies that align with their personal values.  Spend time learning from a reputable source to help make your money work for you.

I want more for you!
I want you to grow generationally wealthy!
That won’t happen because you HAVE more.
It will happen when you BECOME more through education and implementation.

Change your spending habits.
Be faithful with what you already have.
Get creative with your saving & investing.
Collect seed corn, and then sow it in good soil.

Wealth building is the result of good decisions made over time, so you’d best get started. And it’s never too late! I’ve seen fortunes made in 5 years or less, over n over again.

Why not you?
Why not now?