Those Who Can’t, Teach?

People who say, “Those who can, ‘do’, and those who can’t, ‘teach’ “ …are absolutely rediculous!

And that IS my being NICE about it. Lol


Some of THE BEST teachers I have EVER had are the ones who have BEEN THERE, DID THAT, and GOT THE T-SHIRT!  And many of them have moved on to something else…because it is natural progression for people to blossom and grow!  Not to mention that most of them perfected their skill even further BY teaching.


C’mon Network Marketers, Success Coaches, and Gurus: Don’t propagate stupid quotes & memes when it’s convenient to bend them in your favor.  If the litmus test doesn’t prove the idea 100% of the time, come up with a new & improved quote that tells the whole story….not just the part that you like that you can use to manipulate people’s minds to your advantage.

I see so many personal development memes going around that sound good, but just don’t wash out in the mix of truth. I’m keeping my eye open for you guys, and I’m going to expose as many of these as I can from time to time.

‪#‎voiceoftruth ‪#‎lookingoutforYOU‬

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