Wealth Source

Rich people often think money is their source.
Poor people usually believe more money is the source they need.

Money is not my source of choice. My God is my source!
It is HE that gives me the ability to get wealth!
HE supplies every single need that I have according to HIS riches in glory!
HE takes my seed & multiplies it; sometimes 30, sometimes 60 sometimes 100 fold!

This post is not necessarily for those of you who are not Christian people, unless you choose to glean an idea or inspiration from it. This message is really to my Christian brothers & sisters who sometimes for get our Source, and get into a spirit of STRIVING, thinking that they are their own providers!

A word to Christian Husbands & Fathers: YOU ARE NOT THE PROVIDER! JEHOVAH JIREH is The Provider, and His grace is sufficient for every need that you and your family have! I am NOT advocating laziness here. I’m advocating that when you work, it is not with the intent of being the Provider for your family! This mindset is a trick of the enemy, and has established a God-complex in our Christian men in an interesting way, using the spirit of striving to make them feel both powerful & powerless at the same time! Your labor should simply be “as unto the Lord.” When you work hard, simply do it with joy in your heart, and honor toward your boss and co-workers. You are there to be the Light of Christ extended into the lives of those around you. DO NOT WORRY about the money! God will provide the increase when YOU LABOR AS UNTO THE LORD! I’ve never seen the Righteous forsaken, or His seed begging for bread!

A word to Christian Wives & Mothers: If you are married, do NOT put the spirit of heaviness on your husband by viewing him as your provider! If you see him as your provider, 1) You have de-throned God 2) You have enthroned your husband as god over a domain that is not his 3) have perpetuated the yoke of striving on your husbands neck. So what should you do instead? 1) PRAY for your husband 2) Be a Godly woman who stands united with her husband, even in lean times 3) Consider becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. If you don’t know what that means, read Proverbs 31 and take note of what the woman does.

A word to Single Moms: God has NOT forsaken you! He sees your plight and cares for each and every need that you have. You have a choice to make. Will you wear despondency as a coat, carrying that spirit with you day to day? Or will you put on a Garment of PRAISE for your spirit of heaviness? God is waiting for you to ALLOW HIM to be your Boaz (Read the story of Ruth in the Bible)! A new man is NOT your answer! Jesus alone is your Answer…and your Source…and your Provider! Rest in His love, choose to trust Him, and watch what happens in your life!

I LOVE YOU ALL!! I WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIVES!! I do NOT want to see you walking around in dark clouds because of the TRICKS of the Enemy! Too many of my Brothers & Sisters are wearing mantles of various oppressions that are NOT NECESSARY!! You have the authority to THROW THEM OFF and to walk in the Spirit of the Living God who is Life and Light for you and your family….if you will embrace Him and allow Him to be Who & What He desires to be for you!

If you choose to receive this word for your life, know that my prayers are going forth on behalf of YOU and YOUR FAMILY! God bless ALL of you, whether you are Christian or not! I love you, and will pray for you to be BLESSED, and to Prosper even as Your Soul Prospers!

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