Some Thoughts on Success

Does money equal success?

No. It does not necessarily mean success. Success can be measured in various ways.

You can be a successful parent; a successful spouse; a successful friend.

You can succeed in cooking great meals for your family; you can succeed in high school sports; you can succeed academically. And I’m sure you could help me continue the list.

There are some people who are content without achieving economic success. And if they are truly happy, then success has been measured adequately enough for them. But it simply is not the case for most people. Most people who are not succeeding economically desire to do so for a variety of reasons, including poverty, debt, and a desire to leave a better life for their future generations. I find this admirable at the very least.

I recently did a Biblical study on God’s view of economic wealth for His people. These are among the instruments of value that I found that He used to bless those who followed Him:

Gold, Silver, Land, Livestock, Agricultural Success in Farming, Fine Material, Herbs & Spices. All of these were considered stores of wealth and/or instruments of wealth in Biblical times.

So I am not among those who feel that wealth is bad or sinful. Neither am I among those who believe that money is the only form of success.

I understand that money is a store and instrument of economic value currently, and that if you choose to not live in poverty, debt-ridden, wondering how you will ever provide an inheritance for you children and your children’s children ….then you’d better find a way to increase your profits!

There are a variety of ways to increase profits.  You could master trading stocks and bonds; this can be very difficult and take a lot of time.  You could master real estate; this could require significant up front capital.  You could start a local business in your home town; this could require a lot of money, a hefty loan, and/or a lot of time.  All of these could work with time and diligence, but in my opinion are not the path of least resistance.

I chose a home based business, and here’s why: low start up cost, very low risk, the pleasure of working at my own pace, and the ability to earn leveraged income.

When I first started, my skill set was low and I needed mentorship.  The great thing about the home based business industry is that mentorship comes with the package at no additional cost.  Those who benefit from your success also have significant interest in your growth.  Their success depends on your success, so they are happy to coach and train those who are committed and willing to grow and work hard.

With time and hard work, I was able to earn a passive residual  multiple 6 figure income for our family, AND time freedom to focus on my personal development for success in other areas of life as well.  What a gift!

If you know a very successful home based business professional, I recommend you connect with them and set either a phone appointment or a coffee appointment.  They will be pleased that you reached out to them.

If you do not know a successful home based entrepreneur…someone with a proven track record…I’d be happy to lead you.  In my career I have assisted 6 families with reaching a multiple 6 figure income; I have assisted nearly 50 other families earn a 6 figure income; I have helped 100s of families earn enough income to cover their home mortgage; I have lead over 750 families to achieve car bonuses, thus replacing their car payment.

I would be happy to assist you with your dreams and goals!

But if not me…please, find someone you can trust to lead you.  You just may give your family the same gift I gave to mine:


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