Have YOU Ever Felt Like Dodging a Day?

I woke up this morning with a LIST!

You know that list….the one with more to do in a day than you care to tackle?
(Men: the list that has not only the items YOU were going to include in your day, but those “other items” on the list as well) lol

I literally just wanted to stay under those warm, soft, bamboo sheets, and dream a little day dream.


But duty called!

Even though I finally popped out of bed to carpe diem, I was still wondering how I was going to get it all done. I threw down a bowl of ViCrunch (with honey and cinnamon…mmmmmmm), and headed to my studio to start knocking out that list.

And you know how I’ve been doing it? ONE ITEM AT A TIME!
Sometimes we allow ourselves to get too overwhelmed with a days work. Sure, it’s work…but that mountain isn’t usually as insurmountable as we think it is!

When I’m trail running, I go up and over some steep climbs that feel SO hard; especially on tired legs. And you know how i do it each and every time? One step at a time. And that’s how I’ve knocked out a big chunk of this list this morning.

Now, when I was laying in that bed….all warm and cozy…the day ahead felt overwhelming, and escapism was the bait that could’ve easily lured me away. But I chose to Take Action on my List! And now IT FEELS SO GOOD TO HAVE SOME MUCH STUFF DONE!

So, the next time you feel like dodging your day….be encouraged.
Just take that list one step at a time….one item at a time.
And before you know it….you’ll feel EMPOWERED by what you’ve accomplished!

Make it a great day!

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