70x7House: A New Online Community


Last fall I conceptualized a new idea: 70x7House.

70x7House was birthed from the realization that everyone walks in judgement every day, and few have found their way into an existence of habitual forgiveness.

In recent years cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and a myriad of other illnesses have been medically linked to unforgiveness.  It’s heart breaking to know that we are literally killing ourselves by holding on to grudges and hate.

Earlier this month I was privileged to debut our 1st Mini Film of a 4 Part Series to 1000s delegates from 180 nations around the globe, while 10s of 1000s watched via Live Feed around the world.  The film is entitled, Forgiveness: 7×70

70x7House is an online community dedicated to Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness & Grace.  I hope you’ll check us out, and follow our journey.  We’ll be busy challenging and changing lives.

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