5 Goal Setting Tips

In a recent conversation, I had someone tell me, “I’ve decided to stop setting goals.  I either set goals that are much too ambitious, or I under set goals that I know I can easily attain.  I’m just not a good goal setter!”

Sound familiar?  I think we’ve all been there!

Many of us have been through the phase of setting goals we set that we have a high percent chance of accomplishing!  We set these types of goals often because we have “done it before”, and there is a high likely hood of success.  For instance, running another Half Marathon when you know it’s time to step up and push yourself to do a Full marathon!

And then there are those goals we set that are so far out of reach that there is a very low percent chance that we will hit them.  These are the goals set for things that we’ve never done before, but “it would be awesome if…”


Slacker Goals

Now I use that term “slacker” in jest, but often times we look back on goals we felt sure we would hit, and think “I didn’t really push myself.”  And yet there remains some value to such goals.  For the record, I’d rather you set simple, easy to achieve goals, rather than not setting any goals at all.  Goal setting is a skill to be developed, and if you don’t practice the skill you will never become a High Level Goal Setter!

So go ahead and run that next Half Marathon!  It sure beats sitting on the couch with bonbons and the remote. Lol


“Go For It” Goals

I want to spend some time focusing on those not-so-easy-to-achieve Goals.  Not the ones that I mentioned before; the ones that are almost impossible to achieve.  I want to talk about those goals that are possible for you, and yet will push you to your limits and make you work hard!

As I mentioned before, Goal Setting is a skill that must be developed.  The process can be fun and very rewarding.  Here are some things to consider that next time you have a Goal Setting Session with yourself. (Which I hope will be soon)  If you implement them, I believe you can accomplish anything to which you set your mind.

  1. Dream with Purpose
    Dreams only become a reality when there is purpose associated with them.  You must know “WHY” your goal is important.  Otherwise, you simply talk yourself out of the hard work that is required to stretch toward that goal and achieve it.  So start with WHY!  That “why” will keep you focused when you feel like quitting.
  2. Achieve Daily – Not in a Day
    You will not get out of debt in a day!  I know I didn’t.  It required daily diligence in my spending habits and my savings habits.  I had to redirect my money daily away from what Robert Kiyosaki calls “doodads”, and toward my goal of debt reduction.   You will not lose all that weight in a day!  I know I didn’t.  It required daily diligence in my eating and exercise habits.  I had to make better choices with what I was putting into my body, and better choices with my time to allow room for exercise, in order to lose that 80 lbs.  I didn’t achieve my BIG goals in a day.  But I did achieve a goal every day, every time I successfully accomplished better daily habits.
  3. Fine Tune as You Go
    If you find that something you’ve been trying isn’t working for you, then make a change!  If you read a great tip from a blog or a good book, implement it for a while and see if it helps.  It’s ok to fine tune your plan.  It may be the very thing that keeps you from throwing in the towel.
  4. Enlist Support
    We’ve all heard of the proverbial “support team.”   And trust me: a good support team is work their weight in gold!  If your goal involves health, get a work out partner.  If you are working on you personal finance at home, get your spouse excited about moving forward with you.  Whatever it is you’re shooting for, having a good team mate to cheer you on and offer you good advice is a must.
  5. Reward Yourself for Good Behavior.
    Cheat meals are the reward for almost everyone I’ve ever known who has a weight loss or fitness goal.  For some reason, health goals make us feel deprived, and that piece of cake on the desert tray that waiter brings around just makes us salivate.  So set mini-goals within the greater goal, and then reward yourself when attained.  I lost 80 lbs!  But often times after a new 10 lbs was gone, I would enjoy a desert.  It enunciated the win, and reminded me that I hadn’t put myself in dietary jail!  When I was about $50,000 in credit card debt, I didn’t deserve a shopping spree.  But to celebrate paying off another credit card, perhaps you could reward yourself with a small gift. (Paying cash of course!)


Final Thoughts

I’ve achieved some important goals for myself.  I lost 80 lbs, from 240 down to 160.  I became debt free from credit cards, personal loans, car payments, and medical bills.  In 2012 I went from couch to Marathon in 4 months!  None of these goals were easy; they all required diligence and hard work.  And that hard work and focus paid off!

I believe the old adage, “Whatever the mind can conceive, we can achieve.”  One writer said, “According to your faith, so be it unto you.”  Henry Ford taught us, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t…you’re right.”

So believe in yourself!  Set those lofty goals, and GO FOR IT!

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