Time Management Strategies: 3 Quick Picks

Many people have declared that their time is more important to them than money. We’ve also heard it said that “time is money.”

Certainly, time is among our most precious commodities, and as such, should be properly managed. If it’s important to manage our money well, it ‘s even MORE important to manage our time impeccably! Having, and implementing, a good Time Management Strategy can be the difference between being a dud or a stud! Here are 3 quick tips that the most effective Time Managers I know implement on a daily basis.

CONTROL YOUR EMAIL – Conversely, don’t allow your email to control you. I know…you’re thinking, “How is this possible?” Simply find creative ways to touch an email ONE time! You shouldn’t be scrolling up and down your email list, pretending to be working. (A future article on email management is forthcoming.)

FIRST THINGS FIRST – At the beginning of each work day, resist the urge to check email or Facebook first. Have your Action List on your desk (or in your hand), and tackle the most important issues of the day right away. This leaves time for creative flow, returning calls and social media maintainance later in the day (not to mention and afternoon latte).

KEEP PERSONAL ORDER – I know you Multi-Taskers will vehemently disagree, but…multi-tasking simply doesn’t work. Self proclaimed Multi-Taskers make mistakes. Period. Slow down the pace of your work to a sensible speed, execute your Action List from the #1 most important item and then work down, and then take a re-organization break to see if you’ve missed something or made any mistakes. Lay aside email checking, web surfing and Facebook chats while accomplishing your Action List. You’ll have greater focus, and even greater results!

Here’s a FREE Bonus Video that may help you with Time Management. ENJOY!

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