I Heard It Through the Grapevine: He Said/She Said, Truth, and Affirmations

So there was this 60’s song, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.”

That phrase has frequently been used through the years to describe things that people hear through their networks of personal and professional contacts. Gossip and small minded banter seem to permeate the proverbial grapevine. We’ve all experienced the grapevine, and we are all guilty of both giving to AND receiving from it. #ShameOneUs lol

The problem with the grapevine is this: the “truth” that is spoken there isn’t really the truth. Oh, there may be a few facts laced in; but make no mistake: each “fact” wreaks of the very personal filter from which it flowed. A filter of thinking patterns and emotional patterns, replete with judgements contained by the source from which those details of “facts” came forth.

Jonathan Huie said:
“Everyone has an opinion on many subjects
and is ready to share those opinions –
labeling them as “truth.”
Sometimes it is relatively easy
to filter out these opinions.
However, if we have heard the same opinion for years
from our parents, friends,
government officials, or religious leaders,
we are more likely to believe without questioning
than to raise our filter of skepticism
and ask the hard questions.”

Huie is on to something! Trouble arises when we receive “filtered facts” and then embrace them as “truth”. I add: especially since the information must now first be processed through the recipient’s own tainted filter, in the decision of the matter.

I have only ever known one Truth. That Truth is Jesus. And THAT Truth breaks ties that bind and SETS US FREE!

Now, Huie is a self claimed Affirmationist. While I embrace affirmations at some level, I certainly do not believe that we can merely speak things into the universe, and they become reality simply because we speak. But suffice it to say, things spoken out certainly yield some by-product at some level. I say that to say this: be careful what you say!

For the Believer: “Let no unwholesome talk come from your mouth.” For those of you who are not Christian Believers, let us at least agree on what mom taught us: if you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all.

I will close with one of Huie’s affirmations:
“Today, I choose the higher road – the path of charity, acceptance, love, selflessness, kindness.” I, along with Jonathan Huie, will give my best shot today to choose this higher road. But not for the sake of the higher road itself; I do so for your sake…and for mine. And I invite you to join me!

Have I always taken the high road? I would be remiss to confess so. Certainly not! But there is always a new day; new choices to be made; new opportunities to be lived; and always the privilege to walk in Truth! (Capital T…for those who dare).

Here’s to the High Road! May we sojourn together.

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