LIFE: What Makes You You

External forces touch each of us daily.  Moment by moment, actually. People intersect our lives; ideals radiate from communities within which we participate; we consume books, movies, the internet and other media sources; we share in LIFE experiences.  All of this “programming” – good, bad, ugly and negligible – influences us.  Every single second our cerebral cortex receives hundreds of millions of bytes of information, and processes about 127 of those bytes per second.  And yet, fascinatingly enough, these external forces, for which many of us choose to attribute our LIFE-shaping, are truly not the stuff that determines who it is that we ultimately become as people.  

No!  It’s not the 1.3 Billion or so bytes of information that are hitting your cerebral cortex per second that determines your LIFE outcome.  It’s not the random flow of data coming at your five senses that is chiseling you into the person you are becoming.  It’s not even those 127 bytes that break through your cerebral barrier that ultimately define who you are.  

So, if it’s not these external stimuli – this stuff that happens to you – that makes you who you are…if it’s not LIFEhappening to you that defines you…then what does define youWhat ultimately makes you “you”?

***For more on “What makes you You”, be on the lookout for Nate’s upcoming Book- LIFE: Four Cornerstones.  This is an excerpt © 2014

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