Friends Who Force Your Hand

Ok. So I was hanging out in Kona, Hawaii about a week and a half ago, when I was called out by my good friends, GJ Reynolds and Blake Mallen, to run a marathon! GJ, in particular, started a buzz on Facebook, urging people to call me out: “Nate…when’s the marathon?” “Hey Nate…good luck on the big run!”

Then Blake said…”Bro…I’m officially Challenging you to make this marathon your next official Body by Vi Challenge!”. Well, that was it! When your Chief Marketing Officer calls you out in front of your friends and colleagues…”It’s on like Donkey Kong” as they say!

So…GJ…Blake…here is my response! IN YOUR FACES

Now I guess if one is going to be called out for such a major feat, having it happen while hanging’ out in Kona…surfing’ at Pine Trees…and helicoptering into an active volcano…is probably a cool atmosphere to have it happen! Living’ the ViLife!

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