Give Yourself A Running Start

It never ceases to amaze successful entrepreneurs how many self-proclaimed gurus are appearing in the vast ocean called The Internet! Those of us who have put in years of hard work, education, and personal growth always snicker as we view the array of online media gushing forth from new-generation entrepreneurs who have not even cracked the 6 Figure-Annually mark. Who are these people? And why are they lurking around every virtual corner?

Mostly, these are good people. Women and men of entrepreneurial heart, who blog away in hopes of building that first time 6 Figure Income. Who can blame them? At least there giving “it” a shot! They have dedicated hours of Blogging, Facebooking, and Tweeting…all in hopes of driving “traffic” beyond the gates of their web-based harbors, and into the downlines of their opportunities. There is absolutely no crime being committed, and I praise them for their efforts.

But YOU are the one I’m concerned about! Many of you have shown interest in making money part time from home (or even possibly a 6 Figure Annual income), and have often times been swept up into a “Team” of one of these Guru-Hopefuls, only to find that they did not, in fact, possess the ability to coach you toward or into success. And the reason is simple: they’ve not yet achieved it themselves.

Please…do not verbally crucify them on message boards, and tarnish their character publicly. They simply did what they needed to do to “hook a fish;” to “get the sale.” And if you enrolled with them, obviously their marketing worked. It was an honest transaction between two people. They advertised; you responded.

If you’ve taken the time to read this far, it may be that you are interested in taken your next step in the Work From Home Industry. The step toward working with a professional…someone who has “been there” and “done that.” Someone who has achieved 6 Figure Annual Income status in the Network Marketing industry, and has a proven track record with helping others to succeed.

You need to know these facts: It doesn’t so much matter what company you are with, what product you choose, or what type of compensation structure you are in. Amateurs will try to convince you otherwise. Don’t be tricked by the “This is the best compensation plan I’ve ever seen” conversation; or the “This is a one of a kind product” approach. Many great companies with great products and wonderful compensation plans have failed. I know of bad companies with average products and not-so-great compensation plans that have been around for years, and have people who are earning a lot of money.

Success rises and falls on leadership! Your success will be determined more by who you choose as your field leadership, than what company/product/comp plan you represent. As you make your next step in the Network Marketing industry as pertains to choosing a new business home, be sure that you choose wisely. Find a leader who can give you a chance at success! Then…it’s all about your personal growth and people skills. And that is yet another matter.

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