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Many people in sales, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, etc. have a tough time getting there businesses off the ground because they simply don’t know how to engage prospects.  Here is a simple 3 Step Prospecting Flow that I learned from an 8 Figure Earner in Network Marketing, who built a network of more than 1,200,000 people.  That’s HUGE!!  You only build an organization THAT Big if you now what you’re doing.  Let’s take a note from a page in her play book!  (NOTE: I named each step)


The First Step is to qualify the prospect.  Here’s how you should do it.

Ask a series of questions like this:  “Are you happy? Satisfied?”  “Do you like the path you’re on?”  “If you stay on the path you’re on, will you end up at your intended destination?”  “Will your current trajectory get you to where you’re going?”

*Remember: scripts are not to be followed legalistically or spoken robotically!  Make them your own.  Memorize the STEPS of the Flow, so you are smooth and sound real.  Not like a talking head trying to make a sale!

The objective here to is lead the prospect to a place of personal discovery.  Only the prospect can decide if they are open to moving foward into a new life trafectory.


The Second Step is to dig just a little bit into the prospect’s concept of his or her future.

Ask a question like this; “Do you have a plan to change things?”  Or, “What’s your Plan B incase what you’re doing currently doesn’t work out?”

Questions like these cause the prospect to dig deeper and reflect.  Often times, the PROSPECTOR desires to plan the future for the Prospect, and statements like “you’d be great at my business!” or “I just know you can make money with this opportunity!” tarnish the prospecting process.  BEWARE!

This process isn’t about YOU wanting a new prospect on your team.  This process is 100% about the prospect!  Ask the leading questions genuinely, and then listen intently to their answers.  They will tell you whether they are a candidate for your business or not.


The Third Step is tough for many people, because it requires you to push the prospect away.  This is difficult because most sales people want to make the sale so badly!  But your job is NOT to make a sale.  Your job is to qualify the lead.  Using the “push away” technique can be highly effective.  It let’s the prospect now that you don’t need them; you are merely offering them an opportunity.  It can be highly affecitve!

Say: “What I’m about to show you is probably not for you; although you will likely be drawn to the product.  Most people are.”

This piece of script accomplishes 2 things:  The takeaway “What I’m about to show you is probably not for you” says to the prospect I don’t need you.  Additionally, it takes the pressure off of the prospect and let’s any thought of being “sold” float away.

“…although you will likely be drawn to the product. Most people are.” places the prospect in the majority.  It let’s the prospect know that people do in fact like your product or service.  It provides social proof in the even they choose to be your customer, and (even better) let’s the prospect know there exists a strong desire for your product should this prospect choose to actually get started as a distributor with your team.


We will always have the Rookies and the Pros in our beloved industry, Network Marketing.  Higher Skill Set (among other things) must be developed for you to reach a Mastery Level in your Business.  Scripts like these above have stood the test of times!  I highly recommend you adopt it, memorize it, and perfect you delivery if you choose to be a high performer in Sales or in the Network Marketing Industry.

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About a week ago, we all heard the horrifying news about the Charleston shooting.  If you don’t know the details, Google it.  I’m not a news reporter…merely a thinker and feeler like you.

Hearts were broken. Lives were torn apart.  What has been done can never be undone.  A ripple has once again been set into motion that will have long reaching impact beyond the scope of what you and I will ever really know or understand.  Because Charleston in and of itself is but a mere ripple in the ongoing saga of the global, timeless story of hate and injustice.  It started with Cain and Abel…brother against brother.  And who knows if and when it will ever end.

Racism? Yes.  Hate crime? Absolutely.  By product of a systemic evil? I believe so.  Political fodder? Sadly, it is.

Aren’t we all aware that hate exists in the world?  Don’t we know it’s been here since the origin or the species?  Don’t we fully expect it to always exist in this world?  Don’t we “get” that politics and new laws and tearing down of old relics will accomplish nothing?


Ferguson & Baltimore showed us examples of how political and racial divide only divided things further, and made bad situations even worse.  Dr Martin Luther King taught us, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Dr King knew something very important: you can’t politicize love.  He never called for forced legalization of acceptance.  He did not seek for “love” of fellow humankind to be accomplished politically, but rather socially and spiritually.

In my opinion, it seems, ironically enough, that the south has handled Charleston better than the northern cities of Ferguson & Baltimore handled their sad & troubling situations.  Rather than riots, looting, and hate mongering, many citizens of Charleston bonded together across racial lines, and held a vigil an inter-racial prayer vigil and memorial for the victims who lost their lives on the evening of June 17, 2015 in the mass shooting.

In the midst of great crisis, the people of the community came together, unified by grief, despair, sorrow….and yes, love.  Black & White people southerners came together united, choosing not to be divided.  For all the knocks the south has taken toward racism, it appears that the south has faired better than their northern counterparts on a communal level.

In this photo taken June 19, 2015, photos of the victims of the shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., are held during a vigil at the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church in Washington. The black church has long been the cornerstone and sanctuary for African American life. It has also long been a target for racists and white supremacists trying to strike blows against the African American psyche. The latest attack came Wednesday in Charleston, South Carolina, when 21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof joined a prayer meeting inside historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and shot nine people dead, including the pastor, the Rev. Clementa Pinckney, and other ministers. (AP Photo/Glynn A. Hill)

Does racism still exist in the south? Sure.  But doesn’t it exist everywhere?  Name a town in any country; any city in the world, and we will find hate existing somewhere in that community.

So what do we do about racism, and sexism, and religious divide?  I’m not sure that’s the right question.  I think the right question is this:  What are YOU going to do about it in your heart and mind.  What will you pass down to the future generation growing up in your own household?  How will you be an agent of loving change in the community where you live?

Many will choose political argument, lobbying, loud voices and raised fists.  But I believe there to be a better way.  And I believe “that way” will have greater and longer lasting impact in the longest run.

I will leave you with the words of Mahatma Gandhi who said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

God bless America.

Overcome These 4 Obstacles that are Keeping You from Success!

We all want to achieve greater success in one or more areas of our lives.  There are at least 4 Obstacles that are holding you back.  It’s up to YOU to discover which one it is that’s holding YOU back!  But…it will only happen if you’re honest with yourself.

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Because Nobody is Attracted to the Fake You

I see it all the time… Every day in fact.
Internet Marketers, Network Marketers, Online Gurus…baiting people with “shiny disco balls”.  Cubic Zirconium offers, pitched as diamonds on the web.

“Get My Super-InterGalactic Training for a Gazillion Dollars, and YOU TOO can get rich like me!”

YIKES!  This scares me to death for you!  Why?

Because most of these people have made NO MONEY TO SPEAK OF!

I personally witness every single day of the week PEOPLE I KNOW PERSONALLY who have never had success in the areas in which they are pitching themselves as Coaches! BEWARE!!


In THIS VIDEO I Teach You a Significant Tip that will set You apart from these Posers & Scam Artists!!!

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5 Reasons I Want YOU to Start Teaching NOW

On a recent webinar mastermind I attended, the class was challenged to Start Teaching NOW!

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I’ve been Teaching and Adding Value for quite a while on a variety of Life Changing topics:

  • Personal Development
  • People Skills
  • Self Mastery
  • Emotional Maturity
  • Mindset & Thinking Patterns
  • Goal Setting
  • Spirituality

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So I got to thinking…it’s true.  We don’t have enough of us passing on what we learn on a daily basis. And often times the flow of knowledge stops simply because:
  1. We Are Excited to Learn
  2. We Implement the Knowledge for Our Own Use
  3. We Forget to Pass it on

In this Video I share 5 Reasons I Want YOU to Pass On Your Knowledge!

5 Reasons YOU Should Start Teaching NOW!

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3 Things You Must Master to Achieve Great Success

The Road to Success is Found in Self Mastery

The Road to Success is Found in Self Mastery

Anyone who has ever achieved success will tell you there’s no real secret! It finally comes down to who is willing to work the hardest.

I have learned that there are 3 areas in which you must focus your hard work:

1) The Basic Skills associated with your choice of vehicle to advance yourself. ie: if you choose to be a hair dresser, become THE BEST! Which means you must find a way, over time, to study with the best. Learn EVERYTHING you can about every hair style possible, and master every cut from every generation!

2) Personal Growth is absolutely necessary! This area of development focuses on things like Advanced Mindset, Emotional Maturity, Leadership, Higher Level Management Skills, Thinking Patterns, and more. There’s only one way to advance yourself: ADVANCE YOURSELF!

3) People Skills will be the Final Test to see how bad you really want to succeed, and will determine whether you go ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP, or fall short of your total potential. Learn to Master the Art of Understanding People, Learning to Speak the Language of their Need, and Helping them to get what THEY want. In turn, you will get what YOU want!

Self Mastery is THE Door that either opens or closes you to the success you desire. Work harder on YOU than you do anything or anyone else…and success will be yours.


Everyone Makes It…Few Keep It


It’s one thing to make money.  It’s another thing to keep it.

Over the last several years, we built a home based business and made a great deal of money. Additionally, we helped many families do the same.

There were a few dozen families that earned 6 Figures & even Multiple 6 Figures in our organization alone that we built!

Here’s the sad part: most of them have nothing to show for it. They are broke. Busted. They spent as if they thought the money faucet would flow forever at the same pace. Now many of them live as paupers or are barely scrapping by again.

The fault doesn’t lie with the company or the fact that the money-flow didn’t last forever. The fault lies in the spending habits of those individuals, and the level of emotional immaturity that caused them to spend everything they made, not taking time to invest that Cashflow.

Only one or two were smart. A couple actually took their earnings and bought stocks, bonds, gold bullion, stacks of silver, raw land, rental properties, and businesses to generate even greater wealth.

You don’t have to make a lot of money to form the right habits. Habits are formed while you are earning modestly. If you are faithful with little, God will make you ruler over much. That’s how it works in His economy.

In fact, many of you reading this…no…MOST of you reading this….believe that more money is the answer to your needs. But the truth is: if you made more, you’d just spend more. Just like my friends I mentioned above.

Where is your money going? You need to learn how to keep up with your finances! Find ways to keep more money in your pockets rather than letting your money fall through your pockets.  Is your money working for you? if not, Brian Kaminer’s firm, Talgra, guides investors to companies that align with their personal values.  Spend time learning from a reputable source to help make your money work for you.

I want more for you!
I want you to grow generationally wealthy!
That won’t happen because you HAVE more.
It will happen when you BECOME more through education and implementation.

Change your spending habits.
Be faithful with what you already have.
Get creative with your saving & investing.
Collect seed corn, and then sow it in good soil.

Wealth building is the result of good decisions made over time, so you’d best get started. And it’s never too late! I’ve seen fortunes made in 5 years or less, over n over again.

Why not you?
Why not now?


Those Who Can’t, Teach?

People who say, “Those who can, ‘do’, and those who can’t, ‘teach’ “ …are absolutely rediculous!

And that IS my being NICE about it. Lol


Some of THE BEST teachers I have EVER had are the ones who have BEEN THERE, DID THAT, and GOT THE T-SHIRT!  And many of them have moved on to something else…because it is natural progression for people to blossom and grow!  Not to mention that most of them perfected their skill even further BY teaching.


C’mon Network Marketers, Success Coaches, and Gurus: Don’t propagate stupid quotes & memes when it’s convenient to bend them in your favor.  If the litmus test doesn’t prove the idea 100% of the time, come up with a new & improved quote that tells the whole story….not just the part that you like that you can use to manipulate people’s minds to your advantage.

I see so many personal development memes going around that sound good, but just don’t wash out in the mix of truth. I’m keeping my eye open for you guys, and I’m going to expose as many of these as I can from time to time.

‪#‎voiceoftruth ‪#‎lookingoutforYOU‬

Wealth Source

Rich people often think money is their source.
Poor people usually believe more money is the source they need.

Money is not my source of choice. My God is my source!
It is HE that gives me the ability to get wealth!
HE supplies every single need that I have according to HIS riches in glory!
HE takes my seed & multiplies it; sometimes 30, sometimes 60 sometimes 100 fold!

This post is not necessarily for those of you who are not Christian people, unless you choose to glean an idea or inspiration from it. This message is really to my Christian brothers & sisters who sometimes for get our Source, and get into a spirit of STRIVING, thinking that they are their own providers!

A word to Christian Husbands & Fathers: YOU ARE NOT THE PROVIDER! JEHOVAH JIREH is The Provider, and His grace is sufficient for every need that you and your family have! I am NOT advocating laziness here. I’m advocating that when you work, it is not with the intent of being the Provider for your family! This mindset is a trick of the enemy, and has established a God-complex in our Christian men in an interesting way, using the spirit of striving to make them feel both powerful & powerless at the same time! Your labor should simply be “as unto the Lord.” When you work hard, simply do it with joy in your heart, and honor toward your boss and co-workers. You are there to be the Light of Christ extended into the lives of those around you. DO NOT WORRY about the money! God will provide the increase when YOU LABOR AS UNTO THE LORD! I’ve never seen the Righteous forsaken, or His seed begging for bread!

A word to Christian Wives & Mothers: If you are married, do NOT put the spirit of heaviness on your husband by viewing him as your provider! If you see him as your provider, 1) You have de-throned God 2) You have enthroned your husband as god over a domain that is not his 3) have perpetuated the yoke of striving on your husbands neck. So what should you do instead? 1) PRAY for your husband 2) Be a Godly woman who stands united with her husband, even in lean times 3) Consider becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. If you don’t know what that means, read Proverbs 31 and take note of what the woman does.

A word to Single Moms: God has NOT forsaken you! He sees your plight and cares for each and every need that you have. You have a choice to make. Will you wear despondency as a coat, carrying that spirit with you day to day? Or will you put on a Garment of PRAISE for your spirit of heaviness? God is waiting for you to ALLOW HIM to be your Boaz (Read the story of Ruth in the Bible)! A new man is NOT your answer! Jesus alone is your Answer…and your Source…and your Provider! Rest in His love, choose to trust Him, and watch what happens in your life!

I LOVE YOU ALL!! I WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIVES!! I do NOT want to see you walking around in dark clouds because of the TRICKS of the Enemy! Too many of my Brothers & Sisters are wearing mantles of various oppressions that are NOT NECESSARY!! You have the authority to THROW THEM OFF and to walk in the Spirit of the Living God who is Life and Light for you and your family….if you will embrace Him and allow Him to be Who & What He desires to be for you!

If you choose to receive this word for your life, know that my prayers are going forth on behalf of YOU and YOUR FAMILY! God bless ALL of you, whether you are Christian or not! I love you, and will pray for you to be BLESSED, and to Prosper even as Your Soul Prospers!

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